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Vision Division (EP)

by Disco-Nected

You break and you despise Everything we do You make it so hard to Just explain a point of view PRE-CHORUS : Gimme something more Gimme something rich I will never renonce Forever, forever and ever again CHORUS : And I swear I won’t belong To those who say you can’t be strong I need to hear your voice aloud WE ARE HERE TO STAY And I swear we won’t become A line in a forgotten song WE ARE HERE TO STAY Come and scream it again You can scream it x3 Oh you can scream it you can scream it again Everyday I deal and struggle With the ghost inside All the venom in the world Can’t break my mask apart PRE-CHORUS CHORUS X4
We’re all the same, We’re all afraid, Look up, The sky is turning red again Their thrill is real, Vicious game of fear, Bang Bang, Cause only the bad guy wins CHORUS : And all these fake Gods will kill us all, Even if we pray for what we crave for, Wake up and scream, Stand together in unity, Gimme please another freedom call, Cause you know that’s what i’m really dyin’ for, And they will bleed, While we stand in unity LET’S GO ! Another time, Still the darkest fate, They’ll find the words to make you abdicate, You try to survive by saying grace, Don’t bother friend, Cause I’m already dead CHORUS ARE YOU READY TO DIE? (YEAH) / LIVE IN CHAINS AND ON YOUR KNEES? (NO) / READY TO TAKE THE POWER BACK (YEAH) / COME ON ! And all these gods will kill us all, Even if we pray for what we crave for, Gimme another freedom call, That what i’m really dying for CHORUS
Pull the trigger Pull, pull, pull the trigger X3 How would you feel, If from the start your fate was sealed, Every thought, That comes out suddenly dissappear, Standing above the scum, I can reveal all my secrets, We’re going deeper now, Where God is a freak and the saint is a bum CHORUS : If you could turn back time, And let me agonize, Would you do it just to fit your peace of mind? You say that, I’m insane But i’m just dead inside, Cause the only step is when we die Mesmerized by this human breed that drowns in greed, Watch them try, To dig their graves and change their fate I need to feed myself with, Blood/Scars/Pain/Tears, Come on pull the trigger ! If you think that i’m not a man… CHORUS I don’t need your pity and your grace, Your fuckin life and your suitcase, Don’t let me out, Don’t let me out Pain is the only thing i can get, Hell is the society where we met CHORUS
Oh darling I don’t know what i’ve done I’m not coming home today It feels like a miles away So many reasons to cry For those mistakes I made But i still don’t know why I couldn’t find a better way CHORUS: So many waves, so many lies I won’t say our last goodbye So many waves, so many lies I’ve got no regrets, now that you passed away, You will never guess, how deeply sad I am, My heart is cold again and I’m scared to be ashamed The other me is dead, your voice rings in my head I see you when my eyes are closed Just like pictures on the wall And as I’m running through the door I won’t see you anymore CHORUS X2
It all seems clearer now I must have gone insane Everything tastes bitter now Like a ragin’ tumor that eats my brain PRE-CHORUS Another way out? Don’t believe what you see ! Don’t even know why I had lunch with the devil himself CHORUS: Can’t run, Can’t hide You’ll never make it, make it out alive Can’t pray, No way Your life is right here in my hands THE WOLF RETURNS X2 You’ll never tame it No you’ll never tame it THE WOLF RETURNS X2 I’m still standing but no one Wants to be swallowed by fears But i saw the depth of world disease We can’t run away ! PRE-CHORUS CHORUS X2


With its dark and powerful riffs, its gimmicks that display an opposing energy and the will to invite to introspection, Vision/Division offers the ability to identify on a personal level in this chaotic social atmosphere. The opus is like a mirror which multiplies and divides the perspectives on this global situation. Vision is at the core of the theme : the lines are highlighted sonically by dense and deep compositions, and visually through the esthetics of chiaroscuro accompanying invigorating lights coming from the scenery. An intimist mood is emphasized by the duality of red and blue lights on the subject.

In parallel, from an outside point of view, this opus questions the world around us and its share of responsability. By opening several observation points upon this, Vision/Division displays a rough and naked world, with its qualities and its weakness. Raising human condition, it tries to generate light among darkness, searching for inner and outer peace, with union and solidarity in front of obstacles as a main aim.

Entre des riffs quelques fois sombres et puissants et gimmicks qui témoignent d’une énergie presque contestaire et une volonté à inviter à l’introspection, Vision/Division offre la possibilité d’une identification personnelle dans un climat social chaotique. L’opus joue un rôle de miroir qui multiplie et divise les perspectives sur cette situation
générale. La vision au coeur du sujet, les traits sont soulignés tant auditivement par des compositions denses et profondes que visuellement avec une esthétique qui propose un clair obscure marqué, accompagné de lumières toniques émanant du décor. Une ambiance intime est mise en relief par une dualité de ton rouge et bleu sur le

En parallèle, d’un point de vue plus externe, cet opus interroge le monde qui nous entoure et ses parts de responsabilités. Ouvrant plusieurs points d’observation sur ce dernier, Vision/Division expose un monde cru et nu, avec ses qualités et faiblesses. Relevant la condition humaine, il tente de générer de la lumière dans l’obscurité en quête de paix intérieure et extérieure avec pour objectif l’union et la solidarité face aux obstacles.


released October 11, 2017

We would like to thanks Cyd and Vince for producing this new EP, and Marc, Adeline, Camille, Victoir, Léna, Mathilde, Clotaire, Jordan, Solenn, Elliott, Herizo, Ambre, Pauline, Benoit and Damien for singing with us. Thanks to the Lower Tones Place Studio, Kamel and Jennie for the artworks Syndromat-X for the branding, our families and all people who support us.


Nous tenons à remercier Cyd et Vince pour la réalisation de ce nouveau CD, ainsi que Marc, Adeline, Camille, Victor, Léna, Mathilde,
Clotaire, Jordan, Solenn, Elliott, Herizo, Ambre, Pauline, Benoit et Damien d’avoir donné de la voix avec nous. Merci au Lower Tones
Place Studio, Kamel et Jennie pour l’imagerie, Syndromat-X pour l’identité visuelle, nos familles et les gens qui nous supportent
de près ou de loin.


all rights reserved



Disco-Nected Paris, France

Disco-Nected is a power trio born in 2015 in Paris suburbs. Composed of Aziz Bentot (vocals/guitar), Jonathan Ghenda (bass) and Lucas Pelletier (drums). The band gets his inspiration from bands that made the golden age of the 90s heavy rock scene.

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